The Congress

“Discover the future, where innovation and research meet”, is the slogan of CI3-2024, and alludes to how scientific advances and academia in general, should relate to the productive sector to innovate development, social, business and state.
CI3-2024 will present four main thematic axes:
1. Disruptive education and substantive processes
2. Economy, work and society,
Health and Human Well-being
4. Innovation, Technology and Communication.
Generating a space for discussion and collaboration between researchers and professionals from academia, industry and government; to present and discuss ideas, experiences and challenges regarding the latest trends and advances in the technological and humanistic fields.

The Venue

CI3-2024 will be held in the city of Guayaquil in the event rooms of the Mall del Sol located at 4º Pasaje 1 NE, Guayaquil – Ecuador.

Lecture schedule