The Congress

CI3 – 2023 is the fourth consecutive edition of the International Conference on Research and Innovation organized by the Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer Network RIT 2, formed by the most prominent public and private Higher Technological Institutes with University status.
The CI3 – 2023 aims to provide a space for discussion and collaboration between researchers, academics, industry, and government; where ideas, experiences, and challenges regarding the latest trends and advances in the technological and humanistic fields will be presented and discussed.
“Research as a pillar of Third Level Education and Business Improvement”, is the motto of CI3, and alludes to how scientific advances and academia in general, should relate to the productive sector to innovate business and state development.
CI3-2023 presents the main thematic axes: Innovation and Development, Applied Technologies, Smart Cities, and ICTs for Education.
After review and approval by the Technical Committee, the articles accepted in any of the thematic areas will be published in the Scopus database.

Lecture schedule

TimeWednesday, August 30Thursday, August 31Friday, September 1
AuditoriumRoom 1AuditoriumRoom 1AuditoriumRoom 1
8:30 – 9:30InaugurationGABRIEL GÓMEZ CARLOS SANCHEZ 
10:30 – 11:00BreakBreakBreak
11:00 – 11:30CARINA GONZALES

Fernando Jacome

Adquisición de datos en tiempo real basada en IoT para monitorización de sistemas fotovoltaicos autónomos

Karen Estacio Corozo

Selección de controles de seguridad de información en las Instituciones de Educación Superior
P6912 Manolo Córdova Determination of Fire Affected Areas with BLEVE in Fuel Service Stations (FSS).
Shirley Gabriela Alarcón Loza. 

Minería de Datos aplicada a la Red HFC para analizar la Disponibilidad del Servicio de Telecomunicaciones
11:30 – 12: 00
Carlos Velásquez

Methodology for declaration of conformity under ISO/IEC 17025 associating confidence levels and risk analysis
V7041 MGs. Cynthia Román How Women ICT Specialists Helped Ecuadorian Companies Thrive during COVID-19P9560 Leonel Caiza
V6496 MGs. Mauricio Dominguez Development of an Emotion Recognition System through Voice Using Deep Learning Techniques
12:00 – 12:30IVAN CHERREZ

Diego Maiquez

La ciencia de datos: Machine Learning y Análisis multivariante en los estilos de aprendizaje

LoRaWAN applied to WSN as support for sustainable agriculture in rural environments. Case study: Pedro Moncayo canton, Pichincha Province.
P6610 Ing.Cristian Pozo Home automation system for people with visual impairment controlled by neural frequencies
12:30 – 13:00P5498 Jonathan Daniel Hurtado Trucaje De Culata De Un Motor Encendido provocado Y Validación En Un Dinamómetro De Rodillo Para La Verificación De Su PotenciaP888 MGs. Vicente Manopanta OPTIMIZATION OF THE B10S1 ENGINE FOR CORSA WITH ADAPTATION OF THE CYLINDER HEAD OF A SPARK-IGNITION ENGINE AND VALIDATION ON A CHASSIS DYNAMOMETER TO VERIFY ITS POWERP2529
Dr. Claudio Arcos

IoT applied to improve production controls in the Ecuadorian floriculture sector
V9257 MGs. Javier Martinez Comparative analysis of MH versus LED prototype lumi-naires: case study for lighting public areas
13:00 – 14:00LunchLunchLunch
14:00 – 14:30P8478
Ángel Toapanta

Georeferenced maintenance management of public lighting systems using IoT devices
Aleixandre Duche.

Organizational commitment and satisfaction in university teaching work: a comparative study
Jorge Ramos

Vehicle braking and suspension systems: redesign of preventive and corrective maintenance processes in automotive workshops in southern Quito.
P6455 MGs. Salomé Ayala Aprendizaje Colaborativo en la Educación Superior modalidad distanciaP6196
Denis Ugueño

Additive manufacturing of the acceleration body of the Corsa Evolution analyzing the type of meshing
P780 Ana Alvarez Software and methods applied in the standardization of the grinding process for automobile engines as a business solution.
14:30 – 15:007370
Juan Minango

Performance Analysis of Coherent and Non-coherent Detection Techniques in Chirp Spread Spectrum for Internet of Things Applications
V1894 Henry Díaz Analysis of the reliability of the calibration of a camera through the knowledge of its extrinsic parameters
Marco Vinicio Pilco

Maquetas didácticas a bajo costo sobre sistemas automatizados
Edwin Chilliquinga

Transesterification of waste oils for sustainable transport in the tourism sector
Veronica Arevalo

La eficiencia como factor de competitividad en las Mipymes para generar rentabilidad
Edwin Machay

Application of CNC systems for the manufacture of electronic boards
15:00 – 15:30P8797 Mgs. Fabricio Hidalgo Médez

Psychosocial Risks in the Work Environment of the ITCA Higher Technological Institute
V 589 MGs. Galo Patricio Hurtado ARTRI: Una solución gamificada para la estimulación motriz de adultos mayores con artrosis de manosP9696 Fernando Taruchain Pozo Digital Competency Enhancement in Personnel Training and Development: A Literature Review of Current Trends and ChallengesP572
Jorge Daniel Beltran Ortega

The Impact of Virtual Reality on Reading Comprehension in the Rural Sector
Paul Espinoza

Sistema de control para la conductividad eléctrica en cultivo hidropónico de lechugas
Pamela Villareal

Analysis of airborne particles in powder coating process
15:30 – 16:00P6339 Mgs. Edison Rodíguez Yar
Musculoskeletal Disorder due to exposure to Data Display Screen
V 8678 MGs. Marco Guaman Aplicación móvil Cuencabike para la promoción del cicloturismo en la ciudad de Cuenca- EcuadorP6867
Geovanny Cujano

Artificial intelligence, towards the diffusion of cultural tourism in the D.M. Quito ART
V4941 Juan Gabriel Mollocana Assessment and selection of fuel models in areas with high susceptibility to wildfires in the Metropolitan District of QuitoP9111
Geremy Noboa

Information technologies: A tool for accident prevention in gerontological patients.
P6341 MGs. Lizzie Verónica Pazmiño Criteria for creative pedagogical practices in writing an essay on national reality using the logical framework
16:00 – 16:30P3887
Francisco Espín

Modeling variability in the readings of an 8-channel color sensor and its uncertainty estimation
V8731 MGs. Rafael Maldonado Food loss as a global problem identifiable in the production chain: case of oversupply in agro-products in Azuay-EcuadorP9985 Ángel Guapisaca Modelo de Aula Virtual para Nivelación basada en la Autorregulación para el Instituto “San Isidro”V3071 MGs. Manuel Abarca Zaquinaula Use of technological tools before and after the state of emergency caused by COVID-19, Ecuador.V1256 * MGs. Paulina Lara Mechanical Testing and Durability Evaluation of 3D Printed Magnetic Closures for Adaptive FashionV2359 * MGS. Roli David Rodríguez Estrategia de productividad en la industria farmacéutica peruana
16:30 – 17:00P2343
Marcelo Zambrano

Connected Project. Connecting to unconnected
V4495* MGs. Enrique Barreno Design and Construction of a Prosthetic Finger with Distal Phalanx AmputationV3071 * MGs. Manuel Abarca Use of technological tools before and after the state of emergency caused by COVID-19, Ecuador. V2504 Javier Martinez Design Evaluation of a Ecological Building using the Eco-Efficiency Matrix in Housing Construction Projects Closure